Writing to be read

Yes, it is true, I am an aspiring novelist.

There are a lot of us out there. I knew this already, but then I went on Twitter and youwriteon.com and authonomy and to the wonderful York Festival of Writers and realised just how many. And apparently many of them have time to write – and blog!

Well, so do I then, dammit! I have written my first novel, Blackbird. This is its pitch:

Blackbird is an interracial love story set against a backdrop of 1960s London and its music. 17 year-old Lennie is white. She’s in love with Diana Ross and Motown and dreams of singing on a stage anywhere that’s not her suburban bedroom. Nightclub owner Jude is black and likes to play the field. The love they build in the tenements of Notting Hill goes against everything Lennie’s father believes in and leads to the death of Jude’s younger brother at the hands of her former boyfriend. But it also helps Lennie break free of her family secret and learn to truly fight for her dreams. 

It is currently being read, loved or rejected, by a few handpicked agents and editors. My fingers are permanently crossed.

Novel 2 is currently being thought out, planned, mulled over and so on. The keyboard comes next. Soon. Once I’ve stopped blogging.


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