Girls, girls, girls

Meet my teenage daughters Fashionista and the Duracell Kid. Fashionista is 16, as blonde as hell (hair, not brain) and obsessed with friends, clothes and her iPhone (yes, a teenager).

She also loves speaking schoolgirl Spanish, singing at the table and doing foolish things involving hair dye and ear piercing.

The Duracell Kid is 14 and – you guessed it! – never runs out of energy. Having given up a potentially glittering career in competitive gymnastics when she realised that 11 hours of training a week aged 11 was never going to cut it against the 6 year olds from China, DK is eyeing the 2020 Olympics via the running track or maybe the trampoline. Still doing gym though, just at school, in the living room or her bedroom or in the bath or in Fashionista’s bedroom or in my bedroom or basically anywhere she can bounce.

While we’re on teenagers, let’s move on to Mr. Right’s daughter Rebelle. Who is belle – and rebelle. Check out her FB page for info on what all self-respecting teens should be doing at school (or not). Rebelle is also known for the ability to speak so fast that only other people of her own age can understand her and in fact mainly speaking only to other people of her own age. She is 17 and will soon be able to do exactly what she wants when she wants anyway – so there.

That leaves Clapperkin, our 5 year old darling who can out-talk her father (no mean feat) and out-charm just about anyone on this earth. She also does a mean tantrum. Clapperkin is definitely a girl – she already claims to be younger than she is and trousers are not on the agenda. Think Shirley Temple with brown eyes and a lisp and you’re there.


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