As readers of my blog know, I usually write about time and the lack of it. And sometimes about the annoying red tape and other time wasting aspects of life in France. But today, I wanted to do something different. I’m going to blog about a lovely relaxing weekend enjoying just a few of the […]

A whirl of a weekend

I am a former radio journalist. 24/7 news, deadlines and lots of them. So I took an instant shine to the latest writing competition I came across on Twitter last week: the Lit Bits Weekend Challenge. @LitBitsStories,  It’s running for just four weekends and if you sign up, the nice people at Lit Bits […]

Oh York, oh York, so good I blogged it twice.

Yesterday I blogged about the hot-off-the-ether electronic Book of the Festival from the organisers of the Festival of Writers in York, the excellent and inspiring Writers’ Workshop, edited by the talented, dogged and determined Debi Alper Today I thought I’d give it another plug – and post my contributions to the book here. […]