Bounces, birthdays and bellyaches – and mouse poo!

Last Friday, I came home after three weeks at La Muse retreat near Carcassonne. The loudest noise most days was the mountain streams rushing downhill. The views were beautiful and empty of anything not put there by nature. I spent most days reading, resting, writing and walking. I got home ten minutes before it was […]

No time to blog

I so intended to blog this weekend, but then I remembered it was the second weekend of the as well as the last weekend before the most exciting event of the year for four year olds across most of the planet, including Clapperkin and – incredible, but true – even for teenagers like Rebelle, Fashionista and […]

A whirl of a weekend

I am a former radio journalist. 24/7 news, deadlines and lots of them. So I took an instant shine to the latest writing competition I came across on Twitter last week: the Lit Bits Weekend Challenge. @LitBitsStories,  It’s running for just four weekends and if you sign up, the nice people at Lit Bits […]

My very own visit to Paragraph Planet

Call it serendipity, coincidence, or what you will (but not some kind of literary you-scratch-my-back corruption, I promise!), but today my 75-word paragraph Beryl and Lucky is Paragraph Planet’s featured paragraph! As a fan of the site, I am very chuffed indeed. Instead of posting it here, I invite you to click on this link […]