You Winslet some, you lose some

Actually, that heading isn’t quite right. It should say something like “You Lose some, you Winslet some”, but that just didn’t seem so snappy. And frankly I haven’t got time to give this much more thought.
What is she on about? I hear you mutter under your breath. Well, I am on about the sad story of why my novel “Blackbird” is not going to be published on September 23 by Winslet Press after all. “Blackbird” is a pretty damn good story written into a pretty damn good novel (though I say so myself) which has had an up & down time of it in that great paper and electronic jungle out there called publishing. After much tweaking and soul-searching, draft 3.8 scooped an AGENT and made me grin widely, but sadly that didn’t work as MY AGENT & I did not finally see eye to eye on MY AGENT’s role out there in the jungle. Next came more soul-searching and the beginning of novel 2 (watch this space). And then more submissions to more agents for Blackbird. Nada.
But then I thought I’d struck it big & lucky! I heard about this new-fangled thing called #pitmad. Just write a 140 character pitch for your novel and tweet it with the right hashtag in the right timeframe. I was favourited by FOUR agents and publishers and duly sent off my manuscript. TWO offers soon came in! I considered opening the champagne! Was my reticence to Mr Right’s frequent entreaties to uncork the bottle a sign of things to come? Well, I thoroughly researched (so I thought) Messrs Winslet & Co and signed on the bottom line of their contract. All was going so well. My publication day was set for September 23. My editing process was almost finished. I was about to have a brainstorming session with their cover designer. And then, that email: sorry mate, we are no longer publishing yours or any other book. Too many problems around here. I paraphrase, but only just. I will spare you the less pleasant details of what happened when I started digging further.
So, I am an ex-soon-to-be-published-author. Sniff.
On the bright side, novel 2 is going well and I have turned the metaphorical page. I have also learned some interesting and cautionary lessons about the brave new world of publishing. Brave old-fashioned world of publishing, here I come!


One thought on “You Winslet some, you lose some

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