As readers of my blog know, I usually write about time and the lack of it. And sometimes about the annoying red tape and other time wasting aspects of life in France. But today, I wanted to do something different. I’m going to blog about a lovely relaxing weekend enjoying just a few of the many wonderful things that la Belle France has to offer. Une fois nest pas coûtume as they say round here!

So, the weekend. In the beautiful Provençal village of Visan, complete with walls, or vestiges thereof, dating back to Roman times, houses in shades of light terracotta and dove grey, roses and irises blooming in February and clear Mistral-swept blue skies after a two hour drive from home in Lyon where it was pouring down almost as much as it was in original-home in England. visan+vignes

First a party with some old friends of Mr Right’s in their spectacular house complete with 24-branched Murano glass chandelier apparently picked up for a song in a local flea market (jealous, me?) and then a day of village visiting, wine tasting and gastronomic truffle eating. La France, quoi! Each course was served with an example or two of the local tipple – Visan is a little known Côtes du Rhône with its own appellation controlée for red, white and rosé. I bet you want to know the menu, don’t you? Ready?!:

Salad of green leaves and rocket with warm new potatoes and sliced truffles

Guinea fowl roasted with truffle slipped in under the skin and truffled polenta

Soft white cheese with truffled core

And last, but not least, Vanilla macaron with dark chocolate and truffle centre served with mango sorbet – to die for!

So you know how sometimes I post a Vive la France blog with a touch of irony? Well this one is about as un-ironic as it gets!

Cheers, bon appétit and Vive la France! 🙂


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