Time’s up

So, today is my last day at the wonderful writers’ retreat La Muse and although I’m looking forward to being back home with Mr. Right, Fashionista, the Duracell Kid and Clapperkin, I am sad to be leaving this beautiful, tranquil place and the new friends I’ve made here, both real and fictional. There were five of us Musers here this time – incredibly enough from Lyon (that’s me folks), Britain, Canada and Australia, including Tasmania! And some pretty colourful characters, let me tell you. But the closest friend I’ve made here these last three weeks is Meredith, the main character in my novel in progress. I think she’s wonderful – fragile yet courageous, wounded yet determined, young and beautiful. And, thanks in large part to the fact that La Muse has given me space and time, her story is now a whole 7 chapters long! I can hardly believe it.

Who knows what will happen to Meredith once I get back to the headless chicken mode I am likely to switch into as soon as I get home. But one thing is sure, I will not let her down and I will find the time to keep telling her story, even if a little more slowly than here at La Muse – and maybe (oh no!) that will mean I will have no time to blog! 😉


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