Time for me.

Today is the 11th of January. That means I’m late because this was supposed to be a New Year’s blog. But that doesn’t matter, because I have made a New Year’s resolution. You see, 2014 is one of those somehow momentous years that means I will be turning an age ending with a zero. You can work out which one for yourselves. And since that kind of makes it “my” year (at least I think so), I decided that this year’s definitely keepable resolution would be “I will do some things that I like for myself”.

The first thing I did was on New Year’s Day and involved a long hot bath with a book right after breakfast. I have no idea at all, whatsoever, of when the last time I had done that was. But I do know when the next time was. It was January 2nd! Since then I have done other wild things for myself. Like sit or lie down with a book for at least twenty minutes every day (minus one). Go and buy myself some clothes at the sales. And best of all, book my xxth birthday party. In Venice!! Venice, as anyone who knows me knows, is my idea of paradise. I know it’s a huge cliché, but believe me, there’s a reason (and I’m not telling what it is because Venice could use a few less tourists). I am also about to embark on three weeks in a remote village in southern France to start writing my second novel. And I’m not taking Mr Right, or Clapperkin or Fashionista or the Duracell Kid. I will miss them, but I can hardly wait. I have also decided that blogging is also doing something I like for myself. Probably not that often, given the title of this blog. But watch this space.

Now, over to me. 🙂


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